Tana Mongeau Net Worth 2020

Tana Marie Mongeau is a famous YouTube sensation of the modern era, who belongs to Las Vegas, Nevada, America. This American YouTuber is familiar with her videos. She has more than two million subscribers on YouTube. Apart from this site, she enjoys 577 and 251k followers on the platform of Instagram and Twitter. Tana Mongeau is a good YouTuber who got fame through her vlogs. Here is a quick summary of Tana Mongeau Net Worth!

Early Life

Tana Mongeau Net Worth

Tana Mongeau Net Worth

Tana Mongeau was born on 24th June 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, to Becca. Las Vegas is a place that is considered as a land of pleasure ground to the people of this world. She spent her childhood, not like others. She had to overcome many difficult situations of life at a very young age.

She lived with her parents and often seen her parent’s serious quarrels and fights. So it became very tough for Tana to learn the fundamental values and parameters of life which every child learns from her parents. For this reason, her childhood was full of bad memories and traumas.

When Tana grew up, she wrote about these pathetic situations through her vlogs and channels. For these unfortunate incidents, her teenage years became reckless without a mission. She got addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

Personal life

Mongeau grew up in Las Vegas. Her parents share an unhealthy relationship that affects Tana’s childhood. She involved in an affair with Somer Hollingsworth in 2015. In 2017 this couple separated.


Tana Mongeau has a prosperous professional career that gains excellent response in the celebrity world. She started her YouTube journey at the age of 11. Very soon, she decided to establish herself and associated with YouTube. She came into limelight in 2015. Tana is a real person who walks on a practical and straight route. So she never looks back. Most of her videos are based on childhood experiences.

Tana’s 1st video was named Kicked out of Walmart. When she joined YouTube, she thought about storytelling and sharing experiences as the medium of a professional career. In between, 2016 Tana gained a massive fan following base along with reasonable fame. In the same year, she came together with Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna.

Tana is a very extrovert and cheerful girl. She became famous among her fans. She loves to spend time with her followers. She has many exclusive videos, including I Peed on Shane Dawson. This video became viral all over the internet and made her famous on YouTube channel. Apart from this, she recites stories of her real-life existence.

Tana’s other works are My Stalker to Pics of My Sleeping Body, My Stalker Broke into My House, and so on. These beautiful videos gave her a long-lasting relationship with her followers. She also prefers short video clips, including fashion and makeup related matters.

Awards & Achievement

Tana achieves a lot of respect and honour at her age. She is a 21-year-old girl who wins the hearts of millions of people all over the world. This is an excellent achievement for a young one. Though she is young, it has been considered that she will achieve more in her bright future. She has been nominated for Shorty Award for Best YouTube Comedian.

Net Worth of Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau is a popular YouTuber who has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Estimation of her net worth comes from her videos as well as from her channel. This young celebrity now made $2 lakhs by uploading her videos. Day by day, her earnings rise for her increasing fans. She made some of her wealth through ad revenue.

Nowadays, Tana Mongeau uploaded her channel with an added flavour of her personal touch with more than 150 programs. Each day her channel got visited by more than two thousand subscribers. This is considered as an excellent task for a YouTuber as well. She is a passionate worker who enjoys her life to an extent.