Steven Crowder Net Worth 2020

Steven Crowder is an actor, a comedian, and a political commentator. He holds a dual-citizenship in America and Canada. Presently, Steven Crowder resides in Dallas, Texas, United States. He is a supporter of the conservatism movement. Steven Crowder hosts a podcast named “Louder with Crowder,” in which he details on various topics like pop culture, politics, and news. Let’s find out how much is Steven Crowder Net Worth!

His podcast is streamed directly on YouTube and can also be viewed on Other platforms where the podcast is accessible are SoundCloud, Facebook, terrestrial radio, and iTunes. He makes regular appearances on shows like TheBlaze, The Dana Show, and the Glenn Beck Program.

Early Life

Steven Crowder Net Worth

Steven Crowder Net Worth

Steven Crowder’s place of birth is Grosse Pointe, Michigan, United States. His date of birth is July 7, 1987. As of now, he is 30 years old.

Steven Crowder tied the knot with Hilary Crowder in the year 2012. The couple has been married ever since.


At the early age of 15, Steven tried his hand at stand up comedy.

Subsequently, he worked his way through life as an actor. He portrayed many characters in different films. A role that he is well recognized for is that of Doug Moore in the movie “To Save a Life.” It was released in the year 2009.

Crowder also worked for Fox News for a considerable period. He acted as an opinion panelist for a period that lasted from 2009 to 2013.

His termination from Fox News as a result of his public criticism of the channel. He made the remarks that made him lose his contract in a radio interview.

After that, Crowder has mainly expressed his opinions on politics and other areas via his YouTube channel. He also broadcasts his content on other social media platforms. Crowder’s YouTube Channel enjoys a huge fan base. As of Nov 9, 2017, the number of people subscribing to his channel reached a million.

In 2012, Steven Crowder was a name featured in various news pieces talking about the December 2012 union protest.

The movies that Crowder has starred in include names like “3 Needles”, “The Covenant,” “Love Written in Blood,” “Two Summers,” “To Save a Life,” “The Secret,” and more.

He gave his voice to the character of Alan “The Brain” Powers for the animated show, “Arthur.”

Awards & Achievements

Steven Crowder doesn’t hold any prestigious titles to his name. But, it is fair to say that he has made the most out of the opportunities he has got throughout his life.

He is a talented individual who has ventured into multiple endeavors.

Furthermore, the immense success of his YouTube channel is an award in itself.

Net Worth of Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder is a successful 30-year-old man with a net worth of $4 million. His ripe financial status is a result of his successful acting career and also his role as a political commentator on his podcast, “Louder with Chowder.

His comedic skills have also fetched him a plethora of opportunities that have helped him rise to the position of an affluent personality.

Steven Crowder is a bright young man with a knack for making a political impact with his opinions. His highly followed YouTube channel is proof of the fact that people like to listen to what he has to say.

Judging by the way Steven is progressing in his career, success isn’t going to be something he will miss out on!