Steve Miller Net Worth 2020

Steve Miller is a leading member of the “Steve Miller Band”. He has been the creator of several popular music albums and singles ranging across diverse genres throughout his remarkable career. Apart from being the frontman, he also serves as a backup guitarist for the band. He has not only been a blues guitarist but has also made rock quite popular among the masses, as a genre of music of late. Let’s find out how much is Steve Miller Net Worth!

Early Life

Steve Miller Net Worth

Steve Miller Net Worth

Steve Miller was named Steven Haworth Miller at birth. He was born in the year 1943 on October 5th to a music enthusiast couple in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Steve Miller’s mother, Bertha, was a singer and was heavily influenced by the tradition of Jazz. His father, Dr George Miller, apart from being a pathologist, had great enthusiasm for Jazz as well and was also an amateur recording engineer. In the music circle, George Miller was known as “Sonny”.

Les Paul and Mary Ford were friends of the couple and often visited the Millers. Les Paul was one of the first to listen to Steve Miller play the guitar as a child and had encouraged him to carry on with the instrument. In the 50s, the family relocated to Texas, which is where Steve got a chance to meet and learn from many of the great musicians who regularly visited their house to record with Sonny.

He went to the St. Mark’s School, Dallas. It was here that he started his band, “The Marksmen”. Boz Scaggs who went on to become a successful musician later was also a part of this band. However, Steve Miller had to leave school soon, and he graduated in 1961 from the Woodrow Wilson High School.

After graduation, he went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he formed another band called “Ardells”. A year later, in 1963, even Boz Scaggs joined the group. Steve did a semester at the University of Copenhagen, but after returning to America, he decided to drop out and gave up his literature degree by a few credit hours.

Nevertheless, he had now opted for a career in music and thus, he moved to Chicago and started jamming with some of the most excellent Blues musicians of the time.

Shortly after, he started playing in the club scene of the city with Barry Goldberg and his new band called the “Goldberg-Miller Blues Band”. They even went on to record a single called “The Mother Song”. Soon, Steve Miller, in an odd turn of events, went to check out the San Francisco music scene and he loved it so much that he just decided to remain there. Steve Miller has married four times and is present with his fourth wife, Janice Gainsbourg Miller.


In 1966, Steve Miller finally formed the “Steve Miller Band”. By 1968, they even launched their first album, “Children of the Future”. Their second album, “Sailor followed this”. Both the albums performed pretty well on the Billboards top 200 charts. Soon, the band grew in popularity, and they also embarked on several prominent and successful concert tours throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Steve had also figured out various ways of cracking big bucks in the business by now, like extracting a 57 second instrumental from a song and naming it “Electro” for its release, which brought him thousands of extra dollars courtesy royalties. Between 2010 and 2011, Steve Miller also taught popular music at the USC Thorton School of Music.

Awards and Achievements

One of the greatest achievements of Steve Miller, apart from his great financial success and popularity, is that in 2016, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Net Worth & Salary of Steve Miller

Steve Miller’s estimated net worth is a considerable $50 million. He has achieved all this with sheer musical talent and his eccentrically innovative ideas.