Rob Halford Net Worth 2020

Robert Halford is an English singer as well as a songwriter, who is best recognized as a lead vocalist working for the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band named Judas Priest and renowned for his influential wide-ranging voice. Now let’s have a close look at Rob Halford Net Worth!

Early Life

Rob Halford Net Worth

Rob Halford Net Worth

Rob Halford was born in the year 1951 inside Sutton Coldfield, and he was brought up in Walsall, known as a city to the northwest part of Birmingham in England’s West Midlands.

It is known that his early influences comprised soul screamers, like Janis Joplin, Little Richard, and Robert Plant. Moreover, he has sung for many bands like Abraxas, Athens Wood, Thark, and Hiroshima.


Rob Halford started his career by joining a band, being a prior cinema manager. At that time, he got introduced to co-founding Judas Priest based member named Ian Hill through his sister, the one who was dating Hill.

He has conveyed with him drummer named John Hinch belonging from his prior band called Hiroshima. In the year 1974, that band has debuted through the single entitled “Rocka Rolla,” before launching one album having an identical name after a month.

Names of next albums were Sad Wings of Destiny, Sin After Sin, as well as Stained Class and Killing Machine. In the year 1980, that band has launched British Steel. The corresponding songs were smaller and more briefly structured, however, reserved the heavy metal feel.

They have launched Point of Entry during the year 1981, presenting the song entitled “Heading Out to the Highway.” In the year 1990, the Painkiller album has dropped the 1980s-style synthesizers for nearly every song. By an alteration in musical style, that band has appeared changed too.

Throughout the tour made for Painkiller during the year 1991 at one show in Toronto, he has ridden on stage right on a big Harley-Davidson vehicle, prepared in motorcycle leathers, in the form of a member of the show.

He struck with a half-raised drum riser as well as he fell off the vehicle, hurting his nose. After recovering consciousness, he comes back and made performance on the entire concert.

After devoting about 20 years along with Judas Priest, he has declared to the band in the year 1991 that he was resigning, and he also charged their label, Sony, intended for preventive practices. He quit that band in the year 1992.

Throughout this period, he had recorded a total of 12 studio as well as two concert albums along with Judas Priest. He has initially created a band named Fight with Judas Priest based drummer named Scott Travis, a bassist named Jack “Jay Jay” Brown as well as guitarists Russ Parrish and Brian Tilse.

He came back to Judas Priest over a decade later, featuring on the year 2005 based album entitled “Angel of Retribution,” as well as the year 2008 effort entitled “Nostradamus.”

Awards & Achievements:

Rob Halford’s achievement is working in a heavy metal band named Judas Priest. He is also renowned for recording a total of 12 studio as well as two concert albums.

Net Worth & Salary of Rob Halford

Rob Halford has an estimated net worth of $35 Million. He has made most of his fortune with being a singer, vocalist, and songwriter. He has amassed his net worth being a lead vocalist working for a heavy metal band named Judas Priest.

Thirteen albums, as well as nearly two decades after the debut of the band, he has declared that he would be resigning from Judas Priest during the year 1992.

He has bounced around with many bands after resigning from Judas Priest, noting appearances on a total of two albums with Fight and afterward with his group named Halford.

Working in a heavy metal band named Judas Priest gave Rob Halford significant acclaim and recognition in his career spanning many decades.

You can estimate that he is rich because he is a car fanatic with many vintage cars, like a 1970s Aston Martin as well as a Mercury Cougar, within his collection.