Queen Latifah Net Worth 2020

Dana Elaine Owens, aka Queen Latifah, is a multi-talented star, New Jersey-born and mostly recognized as a talk show host; she is a singer, producer, rapper, songwriter, actress, and model. Let’s find out how much is Queen Latifah Net Worth!

Early Life

Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queen was born to mother Rita, a school teacher and Lancelot Owens, a police officer. At the age of ten, her parents got divorced, and after that, she was raised in Baptist Faith. She was a member of the basketball team at her school less because of the interest and more due to her height, i.e., 5-foot-10-inches.

She started performing on stage at the time of school days and got her stage name, Latifah.

She was once addicted to drug abuse and fell into depression because of her older brother’s tragic death. She gifted a motorcycle to her brother, which eventually became the reason for the incident. Her brother, Lancelot Jr., was riding the bike at the time of his killing in 1992. She refused to come out of the emotions followed by a depression, which was later recovered. She dedicated ‘Black Reign’ to him and always wore the motorcycle key as a pendant.

After this, she saw her boyfriend’s death in 1995 in a carjacking. Following year, she was arrested for consuming drugs and was found with a loaded gun. Again, in 2002 she was arrested for not abiding by the driving rules.

Another rapper Foxy Brown (stage name), accused Latifah of being jealous and also made statements about her sexuality. Both the rappers continued allegations through their records, and at last, they collaborated in 2000 at Latifah’s show where Brown performed her song.


She started her career as a member of ‘Flavor Unit’ and did beatboxing for the group ‘Ladies Fresh.’ She was recognized by Dante Ross and made her first single in 1988. It was then titled ‘Wrath of My Madness.’ She continued doing hip-hop, and all of her songs at that time lead the listeners to society issues confronted by black women. Most of them are violence, molestation, and also about relationships.

In 2003, she started singing jazz and soul. At this time, Latifah collaborated with bigwigs like Stevie wonder and even got nominated for Grammy. 2008 was the year when she returned to her forte, i.e., Hip-Hop music with a popular album ‘All Hail the Queen-II.’

Since that time, she made her footsteps firm and robust and moved to film and television to engage more audiences and appear more often. Her mainstream career is worth mentioning where she started up her talk show, i.e., ‘The Queen Latifah Show.’ The show has seen two successful seasons. However, the ratings were not pretty massive that lead to the cancellation of the show by Sony Pictures.

In 2014, during her performance at the Grammy Awards function, she conducted 33 weddings of both opposite and same-sex couples. She also became the producer of the MTV ‘Scream’ series in 2017.

Awards & Achievement

She won 22 awards, including her musical, television, and film career. A recent one is ‘Outstanding Television Movie’ and ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor.’

Net Worth & Salary of Queen Latifah

Queen’s net worth is $70 million. Other than music, TV, and Films, her income profile also includes her perfume and cosmetic line. Cosmetics collection is known as the CoverGirl Queen Collection, and perfume one is ‘Queen’ and ‘Queen of Hearts.’ She is also involved in product endorsements of Pizza Hut, Jenny Craig, and Curvation ladies underwear.

She started her musical career working in various genres of Gospel, Jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop and ended up working in Films, and the latest job that she is up to is of an executive producer. She keeps coming up with new songs and engages with her audience. Her relation to controversies is something she is never able to handle.