Norman Reedus Net Worth 2020

Norman Mark Reedus is a well-known actor, television host, model, and artist. He makes almost $650,000 per episode from his hit show, “Walking Dead.” He has worked in films like “The Boondock Saints” and “Six ways to Sunday. Here is a quick summary of Norman Reedus Net Worth!

Early Life

Norman Reedus Net Worth

Norman Reedus Net Worth

Norman Reedus took birth in Florida, Hollywood, in the year of 1969. Though he is an American by birth yet, he is part of English, Irish, Scottish, and Italian origin. In Venice, after attending “Bethany College” for one semester, he did a part-time job at a shop of Harley-Davidson.

He made his contribution as a photographer, painter, video artist, and sculptor in the art world. Norman started his acting career with a play at Tiffany Theatre. Norman lives in Manhattan. He was in a long-term relationship with Helena Christensen for five years and had one child. He is currently dating Emily Kinney.


Norman Reedus played the role of “Jeremy” in his debut film “Mimic.” He also worked with Giovanni Rodriguez in “Red Canyon.” He was starred in “The Boondock Saints” and in the sequel part as well. Reedus played a guest role in the movie “Charmed.”

One of Norman Reedus’s most famous movies is “Hello Herman.” The same received a nationwide opening. Norman also has his reality show that got premiered in 2016.

Norman Reedus has a very successful television career, and the most popular series that he has worked on is “The Walking Dead,” which is an AMC series that focuses on horror drama.

Norman has done modeling gigs for famous brands like Prada, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Durban, Levi’s, Lexus, and also Morgenthal Frederics. To support the cause of ending cosmetic tests on animals, he was a part of a public campaign.

While working as a model, Norman was starred in many music videos like Keith Richards’ Wicked as it seems, Fake plastic by Radiohead, and many more. After he became famous as an actor, he has also worked with Lady Gaga in her brilliant music video, Judas. In the music video “Gypsy woman” he has worked with Hilary Duff.

The artworks that Norman Reedus did are quite famous, and they have been showcased in art galleries of Frankfurt, New York, and Berlin. Norman has also tried his hand in photography and published a book in 2013. Norman Reedus has also made his mark in the world of video games.

Awards & Achievements

In 1998, Norman got his first nomination for Gotham awards for his work in “Six ways to Sunday.” He got nominated for Saturn Awards, Satellite awards, and IGN awards in the year of 2012 and won the last two. Norman also got a lifetime achievement award in the New York City horror film festival in 2014.

Net Worth of Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus is a versatile actor who has made his mark in fields of acting, painting, sculpting, and photography and also in video games. The current net worth of Norman is $20 million. He is a star of a mega-hit television series from which he earns a whopping amount of $650,000 for each episode. Norman is considered as one of the ten richest celebrities in Hollywood.

Norman has been quite famous in the reality television world as well with his show, “Ride with Norman Reedus,” which has added a significant amount of fortune to his net worth. His appearances in popular music videos, video games, and his art and photography have contributed to his net worth too.

Norman Reedus is a talented and versatile actor who has been part of many famous movies and television series like “the walking dead,” “Ride with Norman Reedus,” “The Boondock Saints,” and “Mimic.” As a model, he has been part of several auspicious and aristocratic fashion houses, like Prada. He has also starred in many music videos, and his artworks are showcased in several art galleries.