Mel Gibson Net Worth 2020

Mel Gibson is an American/Australian actor, director, investor, producer, and screenwriter famous for his major series and movies like; ‘lethal weapon and ‘Mad Max.’ He got his acting skills through studying acting; that’s why he displays professionalism in most of his movies. Well, let see how much Mel Gibson Net Worth below is.

His achievements include many prominent movie awards which he featured, directed and also produced. There are many unanswered questions about Mel Gibson’s net worth. That’s why I will tell you more about his wealth and where it came.

Mel Gibson Net Worth

Mel Gibson Net Worth

Early Life

Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson, simply known as Mel Gibson, was inherent on January 3, 1956, in Peekskill, New York. Being the second born out of eleven siblings, he was the son of Anne Patricia, who passed away in 1990 and Hutton Gibson of Irish religion, which was an author.

A Christian foundation taught Mel during his high school days at St Leo’s Catholic College. He later studied acting and film at the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

After knowing each other since 1970, Mel married Robyn Denise Moore ten years later, and commonly, they have seven children, which include six boys and a girl. Their matrimony ended in 2006 after divorcing. Gibson also has another son and daughter with other ladies.


Being a student at a film school, Mel, together with other students, was skilled traditionally in a British theatre where he acted as Romeo in the play of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ That’s where the genesis of his career began. In 1977 he stared in a debut film, ‘summer city’ while still a student and was paid $400.

Mel later appeared in the ‘Mad Max’ series, which was based in Australia, and he was paid an amount of $15,000 as a starter. After his success, he featured in ‘Tim,’ where he became famous and appeared in a TV show as a sojourner. Gibson also appeared in series such as ‘the Sullivan’s, ‘punishment,’ and ‘police procedural Cop Shop’ between the years 1980 and 1981.

World War II was the other action movie he stared, which debuted in 1982. Before that, he also acted the sequel World War1 earning him many accolades. In that same year, he served as a romantic squeaker called ‘The Year of Living Dangerously.’ In 1984 he featured in an American based drama called ‘the river,’ which debuted and made him a star. He later starred in ‘mad max 2’ and ‘the bounty.’

His debut films include; The Patriot, Vietnam War, Edge of Darkness, Machete Kills, The Expendables 3, among others. Movies and series he produced and directed after launching his company in 1989, known as icon productions, include; ‘Immortal Beloved,’’ An Ideal Husband,’ ‘The Three Stooges,’ ‘The Man Without a Face,’ ‘Braveheart’ and many more. He is currently working on directing a film named ‘Dragged Across Concrete’

Awards & Achievements

His first achievement was in 1979 where he was named as the best lead actor in the movie ‘Tim’ and ‘Gallipoli.’ Mel has also won two academy awards for best director and picture for ‘Braveheart.’ His other accolades include; people choice awards (1991-2004), show west awards (1993 & 1996), among others. He has also been nominated in many award categories.

Net Worth & Salary of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s net worth figure has risen up to $450 million as of today, but before divorcing his former wife, Mel Gibson was a wealthier man who had a net worth of $850 million. He has earned his net worth fortune from his work in films either on acting roles or on film making roles. However, a big chunk of his net worth values has been made through his investment returns since he has many properties in Australia and California.

Having many awards, Gibson is the most acclaimed actor not only in the US but also in Australia whose career has extended decades. Mel diverging in many jobs makes him accumulate a considerable net worth fortune over the years and be acknowledged for his tremendous success.