Markiplier Net Worth 2020

The question that most people ask is how much does Markiplier earn and what’s his net worth. Markiplier, an online personality, the American/Hawaiian based You Tuber, is known for his popular YouTube channel, which has over a million subscribers and a billion views. At the age of 28, he became a millionaire who gave back to society through donations of over $1.5 million.let’s find out more about how much is Markiplier Net Worth!

His career started due to his passion for gaming. His YouTube channel showcased his gaming skills and played games such as; Amnesia and Serious Sam 3. He is known for his unique style of screaming and yelling in his videos, which makes it interesting. Therefore, the big question is, how did Markiplier earn a net worth figure of millions just playing games and posting on YouTube? Well, let’s dig more information about this talented You Tuber fortune.

Early Life

Markiplier Net Worth

Markiplier Net Worth

Born 1989 Mark Edward Fischbach, who goes by his professional name Markiplier hails from Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the son of a Korean mother and a military father who relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio, after his childbearing.

Markiplier left his engineering career at the University of Cincinnati to chase his passion as a You Tuber. Before that, he had attended a typical high school based in Ohio.

Since 2016, markiplier has been dating Amy Nelson, who is a web personality. The two seem to get along together since they are in the same industry.


His career started in 2012, where he began a YouTube channel under his name and launched his first video, which debuted in April that same year. After his success, he continued to play several games, which attracted his viewers, but sadly, it was outlawed by YouTube due to Ads. Later, he opened another channel under the name markiplier-GAME, which in 2014 was ranked at no. 61 on the top 100 circuits.

In 2015 he went for a break of almost a month, where he returned with a bang as his channel subscribers stroke 10 million. Due to his health issues, Mark retreated alcohol and choose to focus on his career. Apart from you-tubing, Mark has also been featured in a film known as Smosh (2015).

In his profession, he had the opportunity to work with public figures and collaborate with the like of; jack black, Game Grumps, jacks film, Yamimash, among others. To reinforce him to develop high-quality videos, Mark started a campaign in 2016 named, ‘Teamiplier’ which interpolated his three friends and his girlfriend.

Awards & Achievements

Markiplier is recognized as being among the Top 25 on YouTube for the most subscribed channel, which has 18 million subscribers. Apart from that, his video views have reached 8 billion, making him also among the top. His other accolades include winning twice in The Make A Wish Foundation Award and The Golden Joystick Awards. He has also been nominated in Streamy and Shifty.

Net Worth Of Markiplier

Markiplier net worth stands at $30 million. But the big question is, how did his fortune reach to millions of shillings? He earns the most from his YouTube channel, which currently has a considerable following. He has signed endorsement deals with Revelmode and Polaris.

Through his YouTube videos, he earns an approximate sum of $11,000 daily, which results in $4 million annually. Markiplier net worth figures have also been a result of endorsements for brands like; Robot Entertainment, Best Friends, and Dirty Bomb, who pay a lot of cash for their merchandise to be highlighted. He also sells t-shirts for companies that add up to his net worth.

Though he emerged a millionaire before the age of 30, Markiplier’s net worth continues to increase daily as he gains followers worldwide through his vast following. Due to his immense potential, his income will expand in recent years.