Ghostface Killah Net Worth 2020

Ghostface Killah, a well-known American rapper, is a member of the famous band Wu-Tang Clan–a hip-hop group. He has also appeared in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Let’s find out more about how much is Ghostface Killah Net Worth!

Early Life

Ghostface Killah Net Worth

Ghostface Killah Net Worth

Born on May 09, 1970, in Staten Island, New York, Ghostface Killah was named Dennis Coles by his parents. Raised single-handedly by his mother, Dennis led a tough life as a teenager. Along with his schooling, he would do part-time jobs as a newspaper boy and a grocery shop helper.

He lived in a small apartment in Staten Island with his other siblings. He was the eldest of them all. Later on, he became involved in petty crimes and had to serve prison terms.

During his struggling years, he would spend a lot of time with his friend RZA (Robert Diggs) and his cousins, GZA (Gary Grice) and ODB (Russell Jones). Along with them, his skills as a songwriter nurtured, and together they formed a hip-hop group called the Wu-Tang Clan.


Ghostface Killah started his career as a rapper with the group he formed with his friends. They together produced an album titled Enter the Wu-Tang (36 chambers). The album became an instant success, and to date, it is regarded as one of the best hip hop albums made ever.

After tasting success as a member of a hip-hop group, Ghostface Killah went to produce his solo albums. To date, he has recorded 12 albums, many of which have achieved gold and platinum certifications. Some of his most successful albums are Ironman, Supreme Clientele and Fishscale.

Apart from working full time as a music artist Ghostface Killah has also made cameo appearances on movies and TV shows.

Ghostface raps under many aliases like Ironman, Tony Starks, and Pretty Tony.

He is best known for his storytelling style in rap.

Awards & Achievements

Ghostface Killah has been recognized by various organizations for his contribution to the music world.

He has been mentioned in the honorable list of MTV Greatest MC of all times. listed him in the top 50 MC’s of the period 1987-2007.

He has been nominated for the Juno award in the Rap Recording of the year category in the year 2016. He was also nominated for the MTVU Woodie award in the year 2006.

He has also achieved critical acclaim as one of the rap’s most exceptional storyteller of all time.

Net Worth & Salary of Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah’s net worth has been estimated to be around $20 million. He has mainly earned from the sales of his solo and collaborative albums. Most of his records have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Ghostface has also dabbled in business. He opened his own record label company Starks Enterprises. He has also recently founded a cryptocurrency firm called Cream Capital.

Ghostface has also appeared in some Hollywood movies, TV shows, and a few video games.

Ghostface Killah is rags to the riches success story. It is the story of a boy coming from an average background and achieving above-average success. People wonder that after a career spanning 25 years, he is still able to influence the rap scene and give fierce competition to the likes of Jay-Z.

Apart from financial problems, Ghostface has also faced many personal upheavals. He was jailed for an attempted robbery that stalled the release of one of his albums. His group lost one of its members to the drug overdose during their peak years.

Despite everything, Ghostface has maintained his calm persona and stood like a rock even in most turbulent times. He is an inspiration to many young musicians who are still trying to make it big in the industry.