Freddie Mercury Net Worth 2020

Freddie Mercury was one of the most famous British musicians who also wrote many songs and was a singer. He was popular because of his Association with the “Queens” which was the rock band, and he had served as their lead vocalist and the lyricist. let’s find out more about how much is Freddie Mercury Net Worth!

He was also the pianist of that rock group. With an amazing vocal range of the 4 Octave, he has won million hearts for his outstanding stage persona. Freddie Mercury has also performed as a solo singer besides working with the “Queens” and sometimes the has also served as the guest musicians and the producer for many other artists.

Early Life

Freddie Mercury Net Worth

Freddie Mercury Net Worth

The famous musician was born on the island of Tanzanian present in Zanzibar. His parents were Jer Bulsara and Bomi. He was sent to a private school in the year 1955 in India till the year 1963. He pursued his education at The Ealing College of Arts from there only he has graduated in the year 1969.

He has spent the maximum time of his early life in India, and that was the time when he started taking the piano classes, and at that time he was only 7.

He was an art lover, and hence he was also a part of a band named “Smile.” When he was in college, he had made many friends who were musicians, and in 1969 he also joined the group named Ibex in which he was the lead singer.


Freddie Mercury’s career began when Stefan left the band in the year 1971 and Mercury took the place of a new singer in that band. And after that, he changed the name of the band to “Queens.” The first album of the band “Queen” was released in the year 1973, but this band got there first real breakthrough with “killer queen” from the album “Sheer heart attack” in the year 1974.

From the album “ A Night at the Opera” the famous immortal single is the “Bohemian Rhapsody” which was released in the year 1975. The popularity of this “Queens” band continued from the 70s to the early 80s. Two songs that are played during the sports events are the “We will rock your” and “We are the Champions.” Mercury has written the song “Crazy little things called love.”

In the year 1985 Mercury released his solo album which was mostly into dance than the rock-oriented, and it was the “Mr. Bad Guy.” many people consider it to be a flop, but actually, it wasn’t. It was played in the UK playlist and was at the number 6 and was played for nearly 23 weeks. He has also done the famous “Magic Tour” which was a World Tour.

Awards & Achievements:

He was nominated for the “Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music” for “Flash Gordon” in the year 1980. In the year 2002, he was nominated for the “Online Film and Television Association Awards” which was for the best music adopted the song for “Moulin Rouge.”

In the year 1985, he was nominated for the “Razzie Award” which was for “Metropolis” nominated under the category of Worst Original Song.

Net Worth & Salary of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury had written many songs which were a hit and were sung for the band Queen that included “We are the champions,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Crazy little thing called love,” “Somebody To Love,” “killer queen,” and “Don’t Stop Me Now.” He has made a net worth of $50 million.

According to Forbes, he has earned $5,000,000. During his death, he has left an amount of $850,000 for Jim Hutton and another $ 850,000 for chef Joe Fanelli.

He had a mansion which was $34,000,000 situated in West London. After his death, it belonged to his partner Mary Austin. He has also left an amount of $15,000,000 for her. He left an amount of $170,000 for his driver named Terry Giddings.

During the year 1986 in October, Mercury blood tested himself and found that he was suffering from a fatal condition and he had HIV or AIDS. This famous personality died when he was only 45 years old. Reports stated that he died because of bronchial pneumonia which occurred due to AIDS. His astounding voice will still be alive among his followers.