Eric Andre Net Worth 2020

Eric is a US-based comedian, actor (starred on the fx series), TV host, and a scriptwriter (wrote ‘the eric andré show’). Since he was an actor, he featured in small acting in movies like; ‘the invention of lying’ and hosted shows like; ‘curb your enthusiasm’. Being a millionaire at a young age, he doesn’t spend his money lavishly like many public figures globally. He also managed to capture the hearts of many through his comic personality while acting and hosting tv shows, making him one of the most popular celebrities. Due to this, many of his fans would like to know more about his net worth, therefore let’s dig more facts about eric’s fortune.let’s find out more about how much is Eric Andre Net Worth!

Early Life

Eric Andre Net Worth

Eric Andre Net Worth

Eric André is the son of a Jewish/American mother and a psychiatrist father of Haitian origin who gave birth to him in 1983 in the Boca Raton, Florida.

He pursued his education and graduated in 2001 in Florida from Dreyfoos School of the arts and in 2005 he pursued music at Berklee College in Massachusetts.

Personal Life

His relationship with ladies is not well known since he concentrates much on his work and likes to keep his life private. He has dated three ladies including; Tatyana Ali (2014), Amber Rose (2015), and his recent relationship was in 2016 with Rosan Dawson.


Eric’s genesis of his career began in 2009 where he starred in small roles before emerging a big star in the entertainment industry. He also launched and hosted many programs such as; his emote television show on the CN network called, ‘public access talk show’, another show which he created and named after himself is known as ‘the Eric André show’ and also a night show called, ‘adult swim’ among programs.

In 2015, he starred in a debut comic series (ffx),’ man seeking woman’ which had a total of 3 seasons. In his next film, Eric featured in ‘bobo’s toupee’ and ‘the lump’. After his success in his career he continued acting in other films and series like; the invention of lying (2009), laugh track mash-ups (2010), should’ve been Romeo (2012), getting a dough with high (2013), bang! Bang! (2014), a flock of dudes (2015), hot ones (2016), rough night (2017), and his next project will be voicing a hyena named Azizi in an animation movie, ‘lion king’.

Awards & Achievements

Just like other celebrities all over the world, Eric André is not the exception of being recognized for his great works on film, comedy, and tv shows although his first and only achievement came in 2014. He got a nomination for streamy award best ensemble cast for the Arscheerio Paul show 2013.

Net Worth & Salary of Eric Andre

Eric Andre’s net worth amounts to $5 million. He has made his net worth fortune from his roles in films and shows. A sizeable net worth fortune has also come from endorsement deals.