Eddie Money Net Worth 2020

Eddie Joseph Money was a well-known singer & songwriter in the American music industry. He was known for many hit songs like “Take Me Home Tonight,” “The Love in Your Eyes,” “Think I’m In Love,” & “Two Tickets to Paradise.”Let’s find out how much is Eddie Money Net Worth!

Early Life

Eddie Money Net Worth

Eddie Money Net Worth

Money was born on 21st March 1949 in Brooklyn into an Irish Catholic family. The majority of his childhood was spent in Seaford that is situated in Long Island. Two members of his family were in the New York City Police Department. Additionally, he also served as a trainee in the police for some time, but he resigned from that job to pursue a career in the police.

Personal Life

Eddie deal with a sciatic nerve in 1980 due to a barbiturate overdose. However, it was cured after intensive physiotherapy that allows him to walk again. He married his wife Laurie in 1989 & living happily together since then. The couple together has five children whose names are Julian, Desmond, Jessica, Zachary, & Joseph.

In 2001, Money he participated in a twelve-step program for getting relieved from drugs.


To become a full-time musician, Eddie moved to Berkeley, California & performed at the city clubs regularly. Then he received a contract from Columbia Records with whom Money releases a song like Two Tickets to Paradise & Baby Hold On in the late 1970s.

However, his career becomes flop after unsuccessful albums, but this talented musician made a comeback in 1986 with the album “Can’t Hold Back.” The album’s Take Me Home Tonight song attained immense popularity & loved by fans all over the world. It reaches the top 10 positions & made Money famous again. After that, he releases another popular song named Walk on Water that was released in 1988.

Eddie enjoyed a healthy amount of success between the 1990s & 2010s with the release of many hit albums like Right Here, Ready Eddie, Wanna Go Back, and Love & Money. Since then, he actively participates in the music tours all over the world with other well-known rock artists.

Along with their successful music career, he has been part of many television shows on American sitcoms. In May 2002, Money was a part of the sitcom “The King of Queens.”

Awards & Achievements

Money has released many terrific songs & albums since his debut, but unfortunately, he has won an award in his career. Still, he is a rock icon in the American music industry with many top 40 hits & platinum albums.

Net Worth of Eddie Money

Eddie Money’s net worth is $20 million. He became successful in earning so much income from the stage shows & sale of the albums during the 1970s & 1980s. As mentioned above, Eddie has been part of a string of platinum albums that allow him to make such a huge net worth. Additionally, Money has featured in many TV shows that will enable him to earn extra money.

Without any doubt, Eddie Money was a legendary musician & songwriter who has contributed so much to the American music industry. He had worked extremely hard to achieve such greatness in his life that allows him been part of multiple platinum albums. Eddie had a great career that prolongs 40 years.