David Beckham Net Worth 2020

David Beckham is a former English footballer, who garnered a lot of fame after playing for different teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, English National team, Milan, LA Galaxy, and Preston North End. He is the first-ever English player, who won league titles in four different countries. Let’s find out how much is David Beckham Net Worth!

Early Life

David Beckham Net Worth

David Beckham Net Worth

David was born as David Robert Joseph Beckham in London. He was born in the year 1975 on May 2nd. Beckham’s mother was a hairdresser and was a kitchen fitter. David has two sisters, Joanne and Lynne.

David started playing football at a young age. Ridgeway Park was his favourite spot to play football. He went to Chingford Country School and Chase Lane Primary School.

His teachers used to ask him about his ambition, and he had just one answer, ‘I want to be a footballer!’ He knew that he wanted to grow up and devote all his time to become a renowned footballer.

He loved the sport so much that he attended the Sunday church visit just to be able to play in his school football team! He dated a Spice girl, Victoria Adams, and it attracted a lot of media attention. He did propose to her, and they got married and have four children.


David started playing football at a young age. He always knew that he wanted to become a footballer! He was patient, and as soon as he crossed 16, he made his debut by playing in the Manchester United team.

Do you know that he is a 6-time Champion at the Premier League? He later signed Real Madrid as well as Los Angeles Galaxy. By the time he was 21 years, his international career had started, and he became a real football star! Being the player of the year at FIFA World does not come to a player easily!

He wrote an autobiography and also appeared in films like ‘Bend it like Beckham’ and ‘Goal II and Goal II.’

Awards & Achievement

Very few people in this world chase their dreams! Some people follow their hearts and passion. David always knew that he was cut-out to become a footballer. He never gave up on his idea and made his football debut when he was just 17 years old. For six years, he received the Teen Choice Award’. He also won the Kid’s Choice Sports Awards.

He is an inspiration for all aspiring footballers. Many boys and girls worship him! He was devoted to the sport for more than 20 years. He bid adieu to his favourite game and retired, but he is still a hero for millions of people across the globe.

Net Worth & Salary of David Beckham

David Beckham has had a flourishing career as an English footballer. He has garnered a lot of fame through his superior football skills. Beckham has a net worth of $500 million. He earned this through his football career, and he also appeared in some Hollywood films.

In the year 2013, he officially announced his retirement from the sport, but he has still managed to save for his children’s future. He appeared in movies like Bend It Like Beckham, Goal II, Goal III, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, and the list goes on. He was the highest-paid footballer considering he had many advertising deals and film appearances.

Beckham’s fans know that he loves his children! He has over 40 tattoos on his body. He has tattooed the names of his children and wife on his body. He is also an author, and he wrote an autobiography called ‘David Beckham – My Side.’

He is happily married to the spice girl, and they have raised four beautiful kids! Two of them are handling modelling assignments as well. In a nutshell, Beckham is a successful personality and an inspiration for many aspiring footballers