Corey Taylor Net Worth 2020

Corey Taylor is an American public figure in entertainment. Taylor plays almost every role which the music industry requires. May it be singing, he is also there. May it be songwriting, it is indisputable that Tylor is the man to do the job. He is also an actor, and he can write books. He rose to fame after his involvement in Slipknot and stone sour bands as a lyricist and a lead singer. Here is a quick summary of  Corey Taylor Net Worth!

Early Life

Corey Taylor Net Worth

Corey Taylor Net Worth

Corey Taylor was born in 1973, 8th December in Des Moines, Iowa, in the United States. He is a product of one parent who is the mother in parental care. Tylor grew up n Waterloo in a farmhouse basement. His paternal ancestral lived in German and Native America. On the side of his mother, it is Holland and Ireland.

Taylor got interested in the career after watching series in 1979 together with his mother by name Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Halloween also influenced him. His good times before his career are times when songs like Teddy Bear and In The Ghetto, not forgetting Suspicious Minds, were circulating.

Tylor had a sister whom they grew up together.

Tylor started misusing drugs when he was just a young boy to the extent of becoming a drug-addict at the age of fifteen years. Not once he had overdosed on a hazardous drug called cocaine.

When Corey left home, he went to his grandmother’s. She saved him from the ordeal of drug addiction by taking him into legal custody. His grandmother also helped him to purchase musical instruments. At the age of 18, Tylor left his grandmother’s house and visited most places in Lowa.

Tylor is a father to Angeline and husband to Stephane Luby.


Tylor music career started in Des Moines when Shawn Graham, Joey Jordison, and Mick Thomson requested him to join Slipknot and agreed. Formerly he was in Stone Sour band. He decided to quit to have ample time to work with Slipknot.

At the time of his temporary quit, the group was recording an album. He performed in slipknot in 1997, 22nd August. Things did not go well in the performance as his costumes, especially the mask was thrilling.

Taylor has been a member of Slipknot from the time they released their second demonstrating album labels as well as producers. He has been a permanent vocalist there.

Corey is also a founding member of an old band called Stone Sour in 1992.

The first demo album of Stone Sour was recorded in 1993, followed by another one of the years. The band has released many more albums with Corey Taylor’s efforts.

Taylor has also become a guest musician on albums like Steel Panther and more.

In 2013, 4th December, Taylor became a member of the cast of Fear Clinic and had played several roles as an actor.

Awards & Achievements

Corey Taylor is the winner of the 2015 Rock Titan Award in Loudwire Music Awards.

Net Worth of Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor has an estimated net worth of about $12 million. Taylor’s primary source of income is his music career. Being a member of the band called Slipknot, he has got a share of what the group makes from the sales of their albums. Additionally, he makes money by acting and writing both songs and books.

Corey Todd Taylor is an award-winning musician. In addition to that, he is a musician, songwriter, plays various roles in films and writes books. He is best known as both the lyricist and singer of a band. The group is known as Slipknot. Taylor is also a part of Stone Sour.