Chris Hemsworth Net Worth 2020

Famous for his role played as Thor in Avengers series, ‘Thor- the Ragnarok,’ Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who has solely made his mark in the industry. He came from a family where nobody is from a film background, but his generation is into acting, including his two brothers.let’s find out more about how much is Chris Hemsworth Net Worth.

Early Life

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth

The 34-year-old actor was born in Melbourne and bought up in Melbourne and Australia both. His mother was a teacher and father, a social service counselor. He has spent his childhood with two of his brothers, who are also actors- Liam and Luke Hemsworth. He has Irish, English, German, Dutch, and Scottish ancestors. He often recalls his early childhood memories with crocodiles and buffaloes in Melbourne.

Personal Life

In early 2010, he started dating actress Elsa Pataky and got hitched in December 2010. The couple has three children, a daughter, and twin sons. The family now lives in his native place, Australia.

The actor has always been open about his personal and professional life during interviews and never became uncomfortable while talking about their marriage stress. He said sometimes it is their career hardships due to which their relationship suffers demanding more attention. Also, he clearly states that they are happy together now after sidelining each other for some time.


Chris got his first break in television series ‘Guinevere Jones’ that he grabbed willingly and made more appearances on television. He was also a part of the reality show, ‘Dancing with Stars.’

In 2009, he entered into the big screen through a thriller movie titled as ‘a Perfect Gateway.’ For this movie, both he and his brother auditioned, and at first, the role was offered to his brother and later handed to him. This movie is one of his best-played parts, which are very well appreciated by critics.

The significant contribution of his success goes to his role as Thor, which came in 2011. Till present, he is enjoying the fame of Thor, and fans would probably want more in years to come.

He recently made headlines in the media for his marriage life, which is back on track, and their mansion is going to renovate for which they have recently shifted to a rented home. He never misses acknowledging his fans through twitter handles and with his recent pictures of holidays.

After he played the role of Thor, critics acclaimed that he will be typecasted as a kid’s character, but the actor has always been sure of his skills. He is doing ‘Thor’ character from 2011, and last, he played the same in ‘Avengers,’ but despite that, he is involved in other successful projects as well as ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘In the Heart of the Sea.’

Awards & Achievement

He won 5 awards out of which three are people’s choice, and rests are Kid’s choice and MTV Movie Awards. It is quite evident through the awards and nominations that he has already created a valuable space for himself in this industry.

Net Worth & Salary of Chris Hemsworth

He has a net worth of $150 million. His income is majorly through his acting profile.

Being a part of 22 films, eight television roles, and two video games, Hemsworth is a kind of opportunist. He grabs the position offered and made it best for himself and the audience. That is why he never thinks about being typecasted for any specific genre because, ultimately, that lands him into prominent roles like ‘The Huntsman.’ He moved to his native place, leaving Los Angeles, which is no longer required to keep pace with the career. Firm actions and big decisions make him the best of Thor-t.