Birdman Net Worth 2020

Birdman, who can best be described as a rapper, philanthropist, record producer, and entrepreneur. Birdman, who is a co-founder of Cash Money Records, is among has been among world’s renowned rappers who have been dominating the airwaves, and recently he has been named among the top 5 world’s wealthiest hip-hop artists Birdman Net Worth.

Being among the top hip-hop cash kings, one might wonder how did Birdman make such net worth fortunes, yet he has recorded so many albums of his own.

Early Life

Birdman Net Worth

Birdman Net Worth

Birdman was raised in a Boys Home and is the son of Ms.Gladys, who gave birth to him in 1969 in the state of New Orleans. Both of his parents have already left this world. He grew up in an area where there were notorious gangs, and since he was homeless, he turned out to be a drug peddler and also a robber. It wasn’t long before he got caught and sentenced for three years, although he only served for 22 months.

Personal Life

On his family, Birdman hasn’t been married yet though there have been rumors that he has already married his girlfriend secretly Toni Braxton. The other day Lil Wayne disowned Birdman as the father due to the family feud.


Birdman’s career into music kicked off in 1998 when he and DJ Mannie Fresh Formed Big Tymers. Their first debut album was titled How Ya Luv That and later would also collaborate and release other records such as Hood Rich in 2002; I Got That Work 2000, Big Money Heavyweight 2003. Some of the hits in this album that propelled Birdman to the limelight are “1 Stunna”, “Still Fly,” “Oh Yeah,” “Get Your Roll On,” among others. In 2003 that’s when Birdman changed his name from Baby to his current stage name.

Between 2005 and 2009, Birdman collaborated with Lil Wayne and released an album Like Father, Like Son, and had hits singles such as “Leather so Soft,” Stuntin Like My Daddy.” He also got to release his fifth album titled Stunna, which had hits such as “Pop Bottles,” “I Run This,” “written on Her,” “Always Strapped,” “Money to Blow” among others.

Between 2010 to date, Birdman has released several albums of his own such as 2011 Bigga Than Life, 2018: Ms. Gladys, and two collaborative albums 2013: Rich Gang (with Rich Gang) and 2018: Rich Gang 2: Flashy Lifestyle (with Rich Gang).

Awards & Achievements

Birdman hasn’t been much into music, and as a consequence, he doesn’t have a considerable trophy cabinet. Still, he won a BET Viewers Choice Award back in 2007 for “Stuntin Like My Daddy,” A BET Hip Hop Alltel Wireless peoples Champ Award for the same song, and even got a nomination in the category of BET Hip Hop Award Best Hip-Hop Collabo.

Net Worth & Salary of Birdman

Birdman has an estimated net worth of around $130 million. Recently he has been ranked in the list of the world’s wealthiest hip-hop artists at position four and is among the top 10 richest rappers in the world. Most of his net worth figures have come through his record label Cash Money Records, some through his solo career and others through Big Tymes. He also has other ventures that contribute to his net worth, such as a clothing line and even oil business.