Andy Griffith Net Worth 2020

Andy Griffith was an American actor and comedian. He was one of the most famous television personalities. He is probably famous because of his show, ‘The Andy Griffith Show.’ He was also a television producer and writer. Let’s find out more about how much is Andy Griffith Net Worth!

Personal life

Andy Griffith Net Worth

Andy Griffith Net Worth

Andy Griffith has been married thrice. First, he was married to Bray Edwards. They adopted two children, a son, and daughter. After twenty-three years of marriage, Andy and Bray decided to break up and got divorced. His second marriage was to a Greek actress named Silica Cassuto. Due to their differences, the couple got divorced after eight years. His third wife was Cindi Knight.

After his third wedding, Andy Griffith was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and was unable to walk for several months due to the paralysis from the knee down. He went through quadruple by-pass surgery and hip surgery. Andy Griffith died in 2012 due to a heart attack.


After his graduation, he started teaching at the Goldsboro High School. There he was a drama teacher and taught there for three years. His monologue, ‘What It Was, Was Football,’ became very popular and was applauded by a lot of audiences.

Soon he made his television debut on the ‘Ed Sullivan Show,’ where he was invited as a guest. Then he appeared in a teleplay, which is an adaptation of the novel, ‘No Time for Sergeants’. He also did the theatrical version of the same on Broadway. His performance received a lot of credit and recognition.

Andy Griffith starred in a movie named ‘A Face In The Crowd,’ where he played the role of a beggar who eventually becomes a TV personality. The film received a lot of attention from the audiences, and the performance of Andy Griffith was highly praised.

After Andy Griffith’s performance in the sitcom, ‘Make Room for Daddy,’ came the breakthrough of his career, when CBS channel offered him to launch his show. It was the beginning of the show called ‘The Andy Griffith Show.’ This earned him a lot of success and recognition across the globe. After a successful spell, Andy decided to quit the show and decided to get into the movie industry.

Andy Griffith starred in numerous television films including, ‘Ask Alice,’ ‘The Strangers in 7A’, ‘Winter Kill,’ and ‘Pray for the Wildcats’. He also appeared in a comedy featured film, ‘Hearts of the West.’ He has appeared in several featured movies. His last film was ‘Play the Game’ in 2009.

Awards & Achievements

Andy Griffith was one of the most successful people in the television industry. His most significant achievement would be winning the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He has received a Primetime Emmy nomination and was also awarded the People’s Choice Award.

Net Worth & Salary of Andy Griffith,

the net worth of Andy Griffith, was approximately $60 million. Most of his net worth comes from his contribution to the movie and television industry.

One of the famous television personality of his time, Andy Griffith is one of the most talented actors. From a comedian to a renowned television personality, Andy Griffith had it all. His hard work and sheer dedication led him to the success of such magnitude. He will always be remembered for ‘The Andy Griffith Show.’ May he Rest In Peace.